Three easy steps


With our service we meet your measurements but also your needs, avoiding any stress and guaranteeing a garment that will pass the test of time at an unbeatable price. Here’s how to get the clothing you are looking for:

1. Contact us

E-mail, telephone, social media: choose the most convenient way to make an appointment: 

One of our tailors comes for free to your home, office, gym or wherever you wish along with a mobile atelier and everything required: bunches of the finest fabrics, examples of finished garments to view and of course the tools of the trade.

Our atelier offers the welcome of a real living room. Here we can offer you a coffee and discuss the creation of your garments together, inspired by many prestigious brands, giving you the opportunity to feel our entire range of fabrics and see many finished garments.

By organizing a video meeting with our tailor we can remotely support you with all the instructions, to take, with the help of another person, your measurements. Then we will baste the requested garment and let you try it on in a first fitting.

2. we measure and customize

Based on your measurements, your posture, the way you move and your personal requests we design your best garment developping your personal pattern.


Here inspiration or classicism have no limits: we help you to compose a garment that enhances your figure and represents your individual character by adjusting the width of the lapel, the number, the shape and the arrangement of the pockets, evaluating details in  contrast and choosing the buttons that best match.  Darts, buttonholes, fabrics, linings, patches, … every unique aspect of the individual becomes a precious opportunity for distinction, which allows us to create exactly the item of clothing you want!

3. wear it

Each of our garments is made exclusively for you. That’s why wearing it means wearing yourself, your most personal style, allowing your character, your tastes and who you are to shine through. After delivery of the garment, we will save your model in order to make any future garments in an even shorter time!


In just 15 working days we are ready for your first fitting, during which we can check all the final details with you such as the drop of the suit, the length of the sleeves, the hem of the trousers, the waist size. Within a week, your final garment will be ready for delivery. For subsequent orders, times can even be reduced and, thanks to our Easy Call Service, you have the possibility to order new suits or new garments directly by phone!

Special Corner

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