Fabrics & Customizations

Which FABRICS we select

We choose the finest raw materials certified by internationally renowned Italian and foreign suppliers, the most famous brands, fabrics with recognized prestige and yarns with the highest degree of twist.

Depending on your tastes and your requests, we can shape to your image the warmth of wool, the embrace of cashmere, the softness of cotton, the freshness of linen, the adaptability of linen-cotton and every other characteristic of fabric right up to the most exotic and refined materials such as bamboo fibre.

The Shaper Fabric Collection fabrics are also born from a further selection, with our brand on the selvedge as a distinctive sign of the highest standing.

Each step of the process is checked by our quality department which certifies how each of your garments is created in compliance with all the best standards, in perfect balance between tradition and modernity.


From the color to the weight of the fabric.  From the cut from the shape of the pocket, to the seams and cuffs.  From buttons to handmade embroidery.  With finesse and elegance, but without setting limits to creativity, we create the best clothing items for your business and for your special moments.

 We help you to compose a garment that enhance your figure and represents your individual character by adjusting the size of the lapel, the number, the shape and the arrangement of the pockets, evaluating contrasting details and choosing the buttons that best  match.  Darts, buttonholes, fabrics, linings, patches, … every unique aspect of the individual becomes a precious opportunity for distinction, which allows us to create exactly the item of clothing that the customer wants

What GARMENTS we create

We dress your business, at every age and for every occasion, creating for you complete suits, shirts, blazers, coats, trousers, chinos, vests, formal suits such as tuxedo, morning dress, half-morning or tailcoat. We also make bespoke suits completely handmade and tacked starting from scratch, according to the dictates of the noblest sartorial art, without resorting to industrial machines and machinery.

Special Corner

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